10 Tips to Support Your Partner Suffering Morning Sickness

Experiencing morning sickness can be a challenging part of pregnancy that can weigh heavily on expecting mums-to-be emotional and physical wellbeing. Partner and/or family and friends support can often be a critical part of coping with this stage of pregnancy. 

We’ve compiled the ten tips for partners or loved ones to provide support to expecting mums suffering from morning sickness:

1. Educate yourself

Learn about morning sickness, and how it affects pregnant women. Understanding the physical and emotional challenges your mum-to-be may be experiencing or feeling will help you provide better support.

2. Be empathetic & patient

Morning sickness can be exhausting and frustrating. Be understanding and patient, and offer reassurance that her symptoms are temporary and that you are there to support!

3. Help out

Fatigue and nausea can sometimes make it difficult to do even the most basic activities. Take on some extra responsibilities – whether that’s household chores, childcare or admin to give mum-to-be more time to rest and look after herself. Tiredness can heighten symptoms, so allowing her downtime, or a sleep-in can really help.

4. Prepare simple & nutritious meals

Cook or arrange for healthy meals that match her cravings or simply what she can tolerate eating. Avoid strong smells and greasy or spicy foods, as they can trigger nausea. Opt for bland or mild dishes that are rich in nutrients. Green smoothies are a great way to get nutrients if she can’t tolerate her normal diet.

5. Provide emotional support

Morning sickness can take a toll emotionally. Be there to listen, offer words of encouragement, and emotional support. Let her know that her feelings are valid and that you are there to help her through it.

6. Accompany her to appointments

Attend prenatal visits and ultrasounds, this shows your active involvement in the pregnancy and your support. Additionally, it allows you to stay informed about your partner and babies health.

7. Understand her patterns

Morning sickness, despite its name can hit at any time of day. Track and understand your partners triggers or patterns, to help when it hits. This might be bringing her a snack before she gets out of bed, or providing a glass of water to sip on.

8. Research Treatments

Explore different remedies, strategies and treatments to alleviate symptoms. Refer to our blog on “The 10 Best Morning Sickness Remedies” for tips.

Consult with her healthcare provider together, to ensure these suggestions are appropriate for her.

9. Make sure she’s comfy

Keep the house well-ventilated and free from strong odors that may trigger nausea. Help create a relaxing space where she can rest and find comfort. Adjust the lighting, temperature, or provide her with pillows or a cozy blanket.

10. Be flexible & adapt

Morning sickness symptoms can vary from day to day. Be flexible with your plans and expectations, as your partner may need to modify her activities based on how she feels. Be understanding if she needs to cancel or reschedule plans!

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