Vitamin B6 - The powerhouse

Found naturally in many foods, and an essential nutrient used in over 140 metabolic processes in the human body. We’ve looked at the evidence [1,2,3,4] and Vitamin B6 – at our dose – is a game changer for morning sickness.

Ginger – Nature's anti-nausea

Our ginger is real, organic ginger. The only thing we’ve done to it is grind it up to allow it mix into your drink. You’ll notice the ginger settling to the bottom of your glass, so stir before you sip! Ginger has long been known to help with the symptoms of morning sickness, such as nausea and vomiting. A classic story of a natural remedy becoming mainstream medicine; ginger has all the evidence [5,6,7,8,9,10] to support its effectiveness for your restoration to wellness.

other ingredients


Electrolytes are a bit of a buzz word, but simply, they are certain salts that your body requires – in conjunction with water – for normal functioning. There are a couple of ways to lose the balance of water and salts in the context of morning sickness

    • If you vomit, you lose salts and water. The more you vomit, the worse this becomes.
    • If you feel too nauseated to eat or drink, you tend to not get enough water or salts in, and your bodily functioning suffers

The end result is another buzz word – ‘dehydration.’ We’ve deliberately included electrolytes/salts to give you a boost to get you back to enjoying what you love.


Famously known as sugar, glucose is a plant-derived carbohydrate that provides the body with energy. Glucose plays a role in the absorption of fluids and the balance of hydration within the body and therefore is an important ingredient for those suffering morning sickness. We’ve deliberately kept the glucose level low to avoid icky sweetness, but have enough to provide some energy and maintain a favourable electrolyte balance.  

How low is low glucose? Each 200mL of Morning Wellness or Morning Wellness PLUS has the same amount of glucose as just one tablespoon (20mL) of soft drink. Put another way, you’d have to have 18 doses of Morning Wellness or Morning Wellness PLUS to equal the amount of glucose in just one 375mL can of soft drink.

Sodium Citrate

Sodium citrate provides you Na+ electrolytes and is naturally alkaline, which helps balance acidity. This helps smooth out the flavour whilst providing important sodium electrolytes.

Potassium Chloride

Known as potassium salt, and on the ‘World Health Organisation (WHO) List of Essential Medicines’, potassium chloride provides you with important electrolytes to get back to yourself sooner.

Citric Acid

The jack-of-all-trades; citric acid come from citrus fruits and helps give your Morning Wellness and Morning Wellness PLUS their signature flavour. Citric acid also provides a contribution towards rapid absorption of your Morning Wellness and Morning Wellness PLUS. 

Flavours and sweeteners

We all like things that taste good. The tricky part is that pregnancy sends our taste buds wild and our tummies even wilder. We have found that a more mild and subtle flavour is better tolerated on your morning sick tummy. All of our flavours are natural – that is they come from actual fruit.

Monk fruit

Monk fruit extract is a naturally occurring sweetener that tastes 250 times sweeter than sugar. We’ve used it to help your taste buds sing, without upsetting the careful electrolyte balance.

The other stuff

In an ideal world, the above ingredients would all mix together beautifully in a smooth flowing, easy to dissolve powder just right for a sachet. This isn’t the case and we’ve had to include a tiny amount of a few extra things to get the powder and ginger just right. These are:
  • Silica – found naturally as a mineral
  • Hypromellose – helps bind the ginger
  • Glycine – a building block for proteins (an amino acid) that is also made by the human body


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